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Meaning & Origins

Biblical name, borne by the brother of Moses, who was appointed by God to be Moses' spokesman and became the first High Priest of the Israelites (Exodus 4:14–16, 7:1–2). It is of uncertain origin and meaning: most probably, like Moses, of Egyptian rather than Hebrew origin. The traditional derivation from Hebrew har-on ‘mountain of strength’ is no more than a folk etymology. The name has been in regular use from time immemorial as a Jewish name and was taken up by the Nonconformists as a Christian name in the 16th century. Since the late 1990s it has been widely popular.
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English: habitational name from any of various places, for example in Derbyshire, Dorset, and Suffolk, so called from Old English hol ‘hollow’, ‘sunken’ + brōc ‘stream’. The name has probably absorbed the Dutch surname van Hoobroek, found in London in the early 17th century, and possibly a similar Low German surname (Holbrock or Halbrock). Several American bearers of the name in the 1880 census give their place of birth as Oldenburg or Hannover, Germany.
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