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Meaning & Origins

From a very common medieval name, a Norman French diminutive of Alice. Despite its early popularity, it became quite rare in England in the 16th century. However, it survived in Scotland, with the result that until its revival in England in the 20th century it had a strongly Scottish flavour.
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Variant of English Al(l)brighton, a habitational name from either of two places in Shropshire called Albrighton. The place near Shifnal (Albricstone in Domesday Book) was named with the Old English personal name Æðelbeorh + tūn ‘settlement’. The one near Shrewsbury appears in Domesday Book as Etbritone and was named in Old English as ‘Ẹadbeorht's settlement’. Albright Hussey in Shropshire is in the parish of Albrighton (having been part of the same manor) and was also formerly known as Albrighton; this too may be a source of the surname.
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