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Meaning & Origins

A 17th-century literary coinage from the Latin gerundive (feminine) amanda ‘lovable, fit to be loved’, from amare ‘to love’. This is evidently modelled on Miranda; the masculine form Amandus, borne by various saints from the 4th to the 7th century, seems not to have been the direct source of the feminine form. The girl's name enjoyed considerable popularity in the mid-20th century.
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English: occupational name for a transporter of goods, Middle English cartere, from an agent derivative of Middle English cart(e) or from Anglo-Norman French car(e)tier, a derivative of Old French caret (see Cartier). The Old French word coalesced with the earlier Middle English word cart(e) ‘cart’, which is from either Old Norse kartr or Old English cræt, both of which, like the Late Latin word, were probably originally derived from Celtic.
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