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Meaning & Origins

Anglicized form of Old French Amee ‘beloved’. This originated in part as a vernacular nickname, in part as a form of Latin Amata. The latter is ostensibly the feminine form of the past participle of amare ‘to love’, but in fact it may have had a different, pre-Roman, origin; it was borne in classical mythology by the wife of King Latinus, whose daughter Lavinia married Aeneas and (according to the story in the Aeneid) became the mother of the Roman people.
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English: 1. habitational name from any of ten or more minor places known as ‘the king's land’, such as Kingsland in South Molton, Devon, or Kingsland in Hackney, Greater London (formerly Middlesex), both named from Middle English kingis ‘of the king’ + land ‘land’. 2. habitational name from Kingsland in Herefordshire near Leominster, which is named as ‘the king's estate in Leon’. Leon is the old Celtic name for the district, meaning ‘at the streams’.
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