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Meaning & Origins

From the month (Latin (mensis) aprilis, probably a derivative of aperire ‘to open’, as the month when buds open and flowers appear). It forms part of a series with May and June, all names taken from months associated with the spring, a time of new birth and growth, and may originally have been intended as an English version of the supposedly French name Avril.
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French, Spanish (Simeón), and English: from the personal name Simeon, a variant of Simon. This was chosen in honor of any of many saints so named, venerated especially in the Eastern Church, including Simeon Theodochos, who recognized the infant Christ as the Messiah during the presentation in the temple, and St. Simeon Stylites, an ascetic 5th-century Syrian monk who lived for 40 years on top of a pillar. It is also found as a Greek surname, a reduced form of patronymics such as Simeonides, Simeonakis, or Simeonoglou.
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