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Meaning & Origins

From the month (Latin (mensis) aprilis, probably a derivative of aperire ‘to open’, as the month when buds open and flowers appear). It forms part of a series with May and June, all names taken from months associated with the spring, a time of new birth and growth, and may originally have been intended as an English version of the supposedly French name Avril.
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Jewish, English, Scottish, Dutch, French, Swedish, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish (Solomón): vernacular form of the Biblical Hebrew male personal name Shelomo (a derivative of shalom ‘peace’). This was fairly widespread in the Middle Ages among Christians; it has for generations been a popular Jewish name. In the Bible it is the name of King David's successor, noted for his wisdom. Among Christians it was also used as a nickname for a man who was considered wise. In North America it is also found as an Anglicized form of Salomon and Salamon.
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