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From a Norman French form of the Germanic name Alberic, from alb ‘elf, supernatural being’ + ric ‘power’. This was the name, according to Germanic mythology, of the king of the elves. The native Old English form, Ælfrīc, borne by a 10th-century archbishop of Canterbury, did not long survive the Conquest. Aubrey was a relatively common given name during the Middle Ages, but later fell out of favour. Its occurrence since the 19th century may in part represent a transferred use of the surname derived from the Norman given name, as well as a revival of the latter. In the United States, this is mainly used as a girl's name, perhaps under the influence of Audrey.
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Of uncertain origin. Possibly an altered form of Pentland or a habitational name from Penlan Hall, Essex or Penlan Farm in Hereford and Worcester. There are also numerous places in Wales named Penlan, notably in Dyfed, and the name may have been adopted on arrival in the U.S. by immigrants from any of these places.
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