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Meaning & Origins

(Italian) and French form of Beatrix, which was quite popular in England during the Middle Ages, and strongly revived in the 19th century. It is most famous as the name of Dante's beloved, and is borne by the elder (b. 1988) of the Duke of York's daughters.
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Scottish, Irish, and English: nickname, of Celtic origin, meaning ‘foreigner’ or ‘stranger’. In the Scottish Highlands the Gaelic term gall was applied to people from the English-speaking lowlands and to Scandinavians; in Ireland the same term was applied to settlers who arrived from Wales and England in the wake of the Anglo-Norman invasion of the 12th century. The surname is also found at an early date in Lincolnshire, where it apparently has a Breton origin, having been introduced by Breton followers of the Norman Conquerors.
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