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Meaning & Origins

Anglicized form of Carolus (see Charles), or of its feminine derivative Carola. It has never been common as a boy's name, and has become even less so since its growth in popularity as a girl's name. This seems to be of relatively recent origin (not being found much before the end of the 19th century). It probably originated as a short form of Caroline.
45th in the U.S.
French (Séverin), Italian (Venice), German, Swedish, etc.: from a personal name, Latin Severinus, from the same root as Severus (see Severe). This was borne by several early Christian saints, including bishops of Trier (2nd century), Cologne (4th century), Bordeaux (5th century), and Santempeda (6th century), and hermits of Paris (6th century) and Tivoli (8th century), as well as a 5th-century apostle of Austria.
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