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Meaning & Origins

From the French form of Latin or Italian Carolina, a feminine derivative of Carolus (see Charles). This name was used by certain gentry families from the 17th century onwards, no doubt in honour of the Stuart kings named Charles. It was famously borne by Lady Caroline Lamb (1785–1828), mistress of the poet Lord Byron.
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Muslim: from a personal name based on Arabic ḥāmid ‘praising’, ‘praiser (of Allah)’, or ḥamīd ‘praised’, ‘praiseworthy’. Al-Ḥamīd ‘the All-Laudable’ is an attribute of Allah. The name ῾Abd-ul-Hamīd means ‘servant of the All-Laudable’. The root ḥmd ‘praise’ is one of the most common elements in Arabic name forming; in addition to this name, it also lies behind names such as Ahmad and Muhammad.
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