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Meaning & Origins

Not found before the 1920s, and not common until the 1940s, but increasingly popular since, being borne, for example, by the American actress Cheryl Ladd (b. 1951). It appears to be a blend of Cherry and Beryl.
93rd in the U.S.
Origin uncertain. 1. It is probably a variant of English Rumbelow, itself of uncertain origin; most likely a habitational name from a place in Aston, Birmingham, called the Rumbelow, from a misdivision of the Old English locative phrase æt þæm þreowān hlāwum ‘at the three hills’. The Old English word hlāw meant ‘small hill’ or ‘tumulus’. 2. Alternatively, it may be an Americanized form of the German habitational name Brummerloh, from a place so named near Varel, Lower Saxony.
26,674th in the U.S.

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