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Pet form of Cynthia or, less often, of Lucinda, now very commonly used as a given name in its own right, especially in North America. It has sometimes been taken as a short form of the name of the fairytale heroine Cinderella, which is in fact unrelated (being from French Cendrillon, a derivative of cendre ‘cinders’).
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English: 1. from the personal name Perceval, first found as the name of the hero of an epic poem by the 12th-century French poet Crestien de Troyes, describing the quest for the holy grail. The origin of the name is uncertain; it may be associated with the Gaulish personal name Pritorīx or it may be an alteration of the Celtic name Peredur (see Priddy). It seems to have been altered as the result of folk etymological association with Old French perce(r) ‘to pierce or breach’ + val ‘valley’. 2. Norman habitational name from either of the two places in Calvados named Perceval.
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