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Meaning & Origins

Post-classical Latin name, from the feminine form of the adjective clarus ‘bright, famous’. In the modern English-speaking world it represents a re-Latinization of the regular English form Clare. It was made famous in the early 20th century by the singer Dame Clara Butt (1873–1936) and the silent film actress Clara Bow (1905–65), known as ‘the It girl’ (because, whatever ‘it’ was, she had it).
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Spanish: occupational name for a beater or other assistant at a hunt, from an agent derivative of monte, which, as well as meaning ‘mountain’, ‘hill’, could be used in the transferred sense of a game forest on wooded upland. The occupational term was itself also used as a title for any of various palace functionaries, and some cases of the surname may derive from this.
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