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Meaning & Origins

Medieval English and French form of the Latin name Claritia. This may have meant ‘fame’ (an abstract derivative of clārus ‘famous’), but as a given name it may have been no more than an arbitrary elaboration of Clara. It was borne by a character who features in some versions of the medieval romances of Roland and the other paladins of Charlemagne, and in recent times by the ceramic artist Clarice Cliff (1899–1972).
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English (Yorkshire): of uncertain origin, probably from Middle English metecalf ‘food calf’, i.e. a calf being fattened up for eating at the end of the summer. It is thus either an occupational name for a herdsman or slaughterer, or a nickname for a sleek and plump individual, from the same word in a transferred sense. The variants in med- appear early, and suggest that the first element was associated by folk etymology with Middle English mead ‘meadow’, ‘pasture’.
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