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Meaning & Origins

Mainly North American: from the name of a river in south-west Scotland that runs through Glasgow, perhaps by way of a surname derived from the river name, although for many Scottish emigrants it was the point of departure from Scotland. The given name gained some currency, especially in the American South. The bank robber Clyde Barrow became something of a cult figure after the film Bonnie and Clyde (1967), in which he was played by Warren Beatty.
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Said to be of French origin, this name is associated in the early 18th century with MD and subsequently with NC and SC. If it is French, it is probably a Huguenot name. It may be an altered form of French Petit, or possibly of French Pottet, which is from a diminutive of pot ‘pot’, in any of several senses: a metonymic occupational name for a potter, a nickname for a market trader, or a nickname for a rotund individual.
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