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Meaning & Origins

Transferred use of the Irish surname, an Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Cuidighthigh ‘descendant of Cuidightheach’ (originally a byname for a helpful person), or of Mac Óda ‘son of Óda’ (a personal name of uncertain origin). Use as a given name in the United States especially has been at least in part inspired by William Frederick Cody (1846–1917), better known as ‘Buffalo Bill’, the showman of the Wild West.
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Scottish, Manx, and English: occupational name for a judge or arbiter of minor disputes, from Old English dēm(e)stre, a derivative of the verb dēmian ‘to judge or pronounce judgement’. Although this was originally a feminine form of the masculine dēmere, by the Middle English period the suffix -stre had lost its feminine force, and the term was used of both sexes. The surname is not common in England, where the term was early replaced by Anglo-Norman French juge (see Judge), but relatively frequent in Scotland, where until 1747 every laird of a barony could have certain offenses within his territory tried by his dempster, and on the Isle of Man, where deemsters also played an important part in the administration of justice.
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