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Meaning & Origins

From a nickname from the Gaelic word creag ‘rock’, or in some cases a transferred use of the Scottish surname derived as a local name from this word. Though still particularly popular in Scotland, the given name is now used throughout the English-speaking world and is chosen by many people who have no connection with Scotland.
172nd in the U.S.
English: topographic name for someone living on (and farming) a hide of land, Old English hī(gi)d. This was a variable measure of land, differing from place to place and time to time, and seems from the etymology to have been originally fixed as the amount necessary to support one (extended) family (Old English hīgan, hīwan ‘household’). In some cases the surname is habitational, from any of the many minor places named with this word, as for example Hyde in Greater Manchester, Bedfordshire, and Hampshire. The surname has long been established in Ireland.
1,140th in the U.S.

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