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Meaning & Origins

From the post-classical Greek name Kyrillos, a derivative of kyrios ‘lord’. It was borne by several early saints, most notably the theologians Cyril of Alexandria and Cyril of Jerusalem. It was also the name of one of the Greek evangelists who brought Christianity to the Slavic-speaking regions of Eastern Europe, where, as a result, the name became very popular. In order to provide written translations of the gospels for their converts, they devised the alphabet still known as Cyrillic. In Yorkshire, England, this was a favourite name of the Arthington family, but in their case it started out as Searle, a personal name of Germanic origin introduced to Britain by the Normans. It is now out of fashion.
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French (also English, imported to Britain by the Normans): from the Germanic personal name Landric, a compound of land ‘land’ + rīc ‘powerful’, ‘ruler’.
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