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Meaning & Origins

Mainly U.S.: transferred use of the surname, adopted in honour of George Mifflin Dallas, Vice-President 1845–49, after whom the city in Texas is named. The surname is of Scottish origin, derived from the village of Dallas in Morayshire, named in Gaelic as Dalfhas ‘meadow stance’, i.e. a meadow traditionally used as a night's resting place by cattle drovers.
981st in the U.S.
English and Scottish: occupational name for a weaver, early Middle English webbe, from Old English webba (a primary derivative of wefan ‘to weave’; compare Weaver 1). This word survived into Middle English long enough to give rise to the surname, but was already obsolescent as an agent noun; hence the secondary forms with the agent suffixes -er and -ster.
134th in the U.S.

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