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Meaning & Origins

Mainly North American: of unknown origin, perhaps a transferred use of a surname that is fairly common in the United States. This may be of Irish origin, although the surname is not known in Ireland. Dana or Ana was the name of an ancient Irish fertility goddess, and this was also used in medieval times as a girl's name, However, it is not clear whether there is any connection between this name and the modern given name, which is sometimes also used as a feminine form of Dan or Daniel. Modern use as a boy's given name began in honour of Richard Henry Dana (1815–82), author of Two Years before the Mast, who supported the rights of fugitive slaves before and during the Civil War. The popularity of the given name was increased by the fame of the film star Dana Andrews (1909–92).
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English: from Middle English bark ‘bark’ (Old Norse bǫrkr), hence a metonymic occupation name for a tanner. See also Barker.
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