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Meaning & Origins

Mainly Australian and North American: modern coinage, an alteration of the affectionate term of address Darling, by fusion with the suffix -(l)ene, found as an ending in other girls' names.
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English: 1. occupational name for a worker in lead, especially a maker of lead pipes and conduits, from Anglo-Norman French plom(m)er, plum(m)er ‘plumber’, from plom(b), plum(b) ‘lead’ (Latin plumbum). 2. variant of Plumer 1, 3. 3. occasionally, a habitational name from a minor place name, such as Plummers in Kimpton, Hertfordshire, which was named with Old English plum ‘plum(tree)’ + mere ‘pool’. The name is also established in Ireland, taken there from England in the 17th century.
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