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Meaning & Origins

Mainly U.S.: of uncertain derivation, possibly from Spanish del mar ‘of the sea’, which occurs in various place names as a distinguishing epithet and also in the Marian title Reina del Mar ‘Queen of the Sea’. It may alternatively have originated as an alteration of Elmer (compare Delroy and Elroy) or as a transferred use of the surname, a reduced form of Delamar, a local Norman name from any of the places in northern France called La Mare ‘the pond’.
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English: from Middle English dove, Old English dūfe ‘dove’ (or perhaps occasionally from the Old Norse cognate dúfa), applied as a nickname for a mild and gentle person or as a metonymic occupational name for a keeper of doves. The Old English word was used as a personal name for either sex in the early Middle English period, and the surname at least in part derives from this use.
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