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Meaning & Origins

Anglicized form of Gaelic Domhnall. The final -d of the Anglicized form derives partly from misinterpretation by English speakers of the Gaelic pronunciation, and partly from association with Germanic-origin names such as Ronald. This name is strongly associated with clan Macdonald, the clan of the medieval Lords of the Isles, but is now also widely used by families with no Scottish connections.
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English: nickname for an amiable person, also perhaps sometimes given in an ironical sense, from Middle English luvelich, loveli (Old English luflic). During the main period of surname formation the word was used in an active sense, ‘loving’, ‘kind’, ‘affectionate’, as well as the passive ‘lovable’, ‘worthy of love’. The meaning ‘attractive’, ‘beautiful’ is not clearly attested before the 14th century, and remained rare throughout the Middle Ages.
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