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Meaning & Origins

19th-century coinage, representing a short form of Isidora, Theodora, Dorothy, and any other name containing the Greek word dōron ‘gift’. Wordsworth's daughter (1804–47), christened Dorothy, was always known in adult life as Dora. The name's popularity was enhanced by the character of Dora Spenlow in Dickens's novel David Copperfield (1850).
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English, Scottish, and Irish: 1. regional name for someone who had migrated from the North (i.e. further north in England, or from Scotland or Scandinavia), from Old French nor(r)eis ‘northerner’. 2. topographic name for someone who lived in a house on the north side of a settlement or estate, from Middle English north ‘north’ + hous ‘house’. 3. occupational name for a wet-nurse or foster mother, from Old French nurice, norrice (Latin nutrix, genitive nutricis).
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