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Meaning & Origins

Latinate form of a post-classical Greek name, from dōron ‘gift’ + theos ‘god’ (the same elements as in Theodora, but in reverse order). The masculine form Dorotheus was borne by several early Christian saints, the feminine by only two minor ones, but only the girl's name has survived. In modern use in the English-speaking world it represents either a 19th-century Latinization of Dorothy or a learned reborrowing.
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English (West Midlands): 1. habitational name from a place in Shropshire named Badger, probably from an unattested Old English personal name Bæcg + Old English ofer ‘ridge’. 2. occupational name for a maker of bags (see Bagge 1) or for a peddler who carried his wares about with him in a bag. It is unlikely that the surname has anything to do with the animal (see Brock 2), which was not known by this name until the 16th century.
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