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Meaning & Origins

Usual English form of Dorothea. The name was not used in the Middle Ages, but was taken up in the 15th century and became common thereafter. It was borne by the American film star Dorothy Lamour (1914–1996, born Dorothy Kaumeyer).
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English (chiefly Devon): 1. (of Norman origin) habitational name from a place in Calvados, France, named from a Germanic personal name of uncertain form and meaning + Old French ville ‘settlement’. 2. habitational name from Glanvill Farm in Devon, Clanville in Somerset and Hampshire, or Clanfield in Hampshire, or from some other place likewise named with Old English clǣne ‘clean’ (i.e. free of brambles and undergrowth) + feld ‘pasture’, ‘open country’ (see Field).
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