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Meaning & Origins

The usual spelling of Elisabeth in English. It is recorded in the medieval period, but was made popular by being borne by Queen Elizabeth I of England (1533–1603). In the 20th century it again became extremely fashionable, partly because it was the name of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (1900–2002), who in 1936 became Queen Elizabeth as the wife of King George VI, and after his death in 1952 achieved great public affection as Queen Mother for nearly half a century. Even more influentially, it is the name of her daughter Queen Elizabeth II (b. 1926).
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German: 1. from the personal name Lukas (see Lucas), or from the female personal name Liutgard (from Old High German liut ‘people’ + gard ‘protection’).The latter was a popular name in medieval times; among others it was the name of the daughter of emperor Otto I and the wife of Charlemagne. 2. short form of the personal name Laurentius (see Lawrence), of Slavic origin.
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