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Meaning & Origins

Of Old Norse origin, from ei ‘ever, always’ (or einn ‘one, alone’) + ríkr ‘ruler’ (see Eirik). It was introduced into Britain by Scandinavian settlers before the Norman Conquest. As a modern given name, it was revived in the mid 19th century and has remained in use since.
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Korean: there are two Chinese characters for the surname Ki, but one is extremely rare. Only the common one is discussed here. Only one Ki clan uses this other character, the Haengju Ki clan. The founder of the Haengju Ki clan, U-Sŏng, is said to have been one of three sons of the 40th generation descendant of Kija, the founder of the ancient Chosŏn kingdom in about 194 BC. The other two sons, UP’yŏng and U-kyŏng, founded the Han clan and the Sŏn’gan clan respectively.
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