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Biblical name (meaning ‘firmness’ or ‘long-lived’ in Hebrew) of an obscure figure, Ethan the Ezrahite, mentioned as a wise man whom Solomon surpassed in wisdom (1 Kings 4:31). The name was sparingly used even among the Puritans, but became famous in the United States since it was borne by Ethan Allen (1738–89), leader of the ‘Green Mountain Boys’, a group of Vermont patriots who fought in the American Revolution. Since the mid 1990s the name has enjoyed a great surge in popularity in Britain.
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English (northern): occupational name from Middle English prok(e)tour ‘steward’ (reduced from Old French procurateour, Latin procurator ‘agent’, from procurare ‘to manage’). The term was used most commonly of an attorney in a spiritual court, but also of other officials such as collectors of taxes and agents licensed to collect alms on behalf of lepers and enclosed orders of monks.
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