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Fanciful name derived from Latin evangelium ‘gospel’ (Greek euangelion, from eu ‘good’ + angelma ‘tidings’) + the suffix -ine (in origin a French feminine diminutive). Evangeline is the title of a narrative poem (1848) by the American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, in which the central character is called Evangeline Bellefontaine.
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English, Danish, and German: from a short form of the various Germanic compound names with a first element wolf ‘wolf’, or a byname or nickname with this meaning. The wolf was native throughout the forests of Europe, including Britain, until comparatively recently. In ancient and medieval times it played an important role in Germanic mythology, being regarded as one of the sacred beasts of Woden. This name is widespread throughout northern, central, and eastern Europe, as well as in Britain and German-speaking countries.
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