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Meaning & Origins

Mainly U.S.: transferred use of the surname, in some cases perhaps adopted in honour of the English actor-manager David Garrick (1717–79). He was of Huguenot descent, the grandson of a certain David de la Garrique. This is a Languedoc name, from garrigue, denoting a stretch of open limestone country.
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English, northern Irish, and French: from Middle English, Old French beste ‘animal’, ‘beast’ (Latin bestia), applied either as a metonymic occupational name for someone who looked after beasts—a herdsman—or as a derogatory nickname for someone thought to resemble an animal, i.e. a violent, uncouth, or stupid man. It is unlikely that the name is derived from best, Old English betst, superlative of good. By far the most frequent spelling of the French surname is Beste, but it is likely that in North America this form has largely been assimilated to Best.
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