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Meaning & Origins

Variant spelling of Gail. The popularity of this form was no doubt increased by the fame of the American film actress Gayle Hunnicutt (b. 1943).
573rd in the U.S.
English: 1. habitational name, either a variant of Madeley (a name common to several places, including one in Shropshire and two in Staffordshire), named in Old English as ‘Māda's clearing’, from an unattested byname, Māda (probably a derivative of mād ‘foolish’) + lēah ‘woodland clearing’; or from Medley on the Thames in Oxfordshire, named in Old English with middel ‘middle’ + ēg ‘island’. 2. nickname for an aggressive person, from Middle English, Old French medlee ‘combat’, ‘conflict’ (Late Latin misculata).
2,520th in the U.S.

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