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From an Old French name of Germanic (Frankish) origin, derived from gār, gēr ‘spear’ + wald ‘rule’. It was adopted by the Normans and introduced by them to Britain. There has been some confusion with Gerard. It died out in England at the end of the 13th century. However, it continued to be popular in Ireland, where it had been brought in the 12th century at the time of Strongbow's invasion. It was used in England in the 17th century and revived in the 19th century, along with several other long-extinct names of Norman, Old English, and Celtic origin, and is now more common than Gerard, which survived all along as an English ‘gentry’ name.
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English (West Midlands): 1. habitational name from a place in Shropshire named Badger, probably from an unattested Old English personal name Bæcg + Old English ofer ‘ridge’. 2. occupational name for a maker of bags (see Bagge 1) or for a peddler who carried his wares about with him in a bag. It is unlikely that the surname has anything to do with the animal (see Brock 2), which was not known by this name until the 16th century.
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