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Meaning & Origins

Modern coinage from the Scottish word glen ‘valley’ (Gaelic gleann), in some cases perhaps representing a transferred use of the surname derived from this word. In recent years it has been used far beyond Scotland as a given name. Among well-known bearers of the name is the U.S. country singer Glen Campbell (b. 1936). There has been some confusion with the Welsh name Glyn, which has the same meaning.
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English (of Norman origin): via Old French from the Germanic personal name Milo, of unknown etymology. The name was introduced to England by the Normans in the form Miles (oblique case Milon). In English documents of the Middle Ages the name sometimes appears in the Latinized form Milo (genitive Milonis), although the normal Middle English form was Mile, so the final -s must usually represent the possessive ending, i.e. ‘son or servant of Mile’.
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