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Meaning & Origins

Via Latin Gregorius from the post-classical Greek name Gregōrios ‘watchful’ (a derivative of gregōrein ‘to watch, be vigilant’). The name was a very popular one among the early Christians, who were mindful of the injunction ‘be sober, be vigilant’ (1 Peter 5:8). It was borne by a number of early saints. The most important, in honour of whom the name was often bestowed from medieval times onwards, were Gregory of Nazianzen (c.329–90), Gregory of Nyssa (d. c.395), Gregory of Tours (538–94), and Pope Gregory the Great (c.540–604). A famous bearer of the name in modern times is the film star Gregory Peck (1916–2003). The name has traditionally been popular in Scotland, where it is often found in the form Gregor.
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Polish, German, and Jewish (eastern Ashkenazic): from Polish litwin, an ethnic name for someone from Lithuania (Polish Litwa, Lithuanian Lietuva, a word of uncertain etymology, perhaps a derivative of the river name Leità). In the 14th century Lithuania was an independent grand duchy which extended from the Baltic to the shores of the Black Sea. It was united with Poland in 1569, and was absorbed into the Russian empire in 1795. The region referred to as Lite in Ashkenazic culture encompassed not only Lithuania but also Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, parts of northern Ukraine, and parts of northeastern Poland.
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