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Meaning & Origins

Originally a medieval back-formation from Hankin, which is composed of Han (a short form of Jehan John) + the Middle English diminutive suffix -kin. However, the suffix was mistaken for the Anglo-Norman diminutive -in, hence the form Hank. Hank is now sometimes used as an independent given name in North America, where it is usually taken as a pet form of Henry. It has more or less died out in Britain.
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English, Scottish, French, and German: from the name of the flower, Middle English, Old French, Middle High German rose (Latin rosa), in various applications. In part it is a topographic name for someone who lived at a place where wild roses grew, or a habitational name for someone living at a house bearing the sign of the rose. It is also found, especially in Europe, as a nickname for a man with a ‘rosy’ complexion. As an American surname, this name has absorbed cognates and similarsounding names from other European languages.
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