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Meaning & Origins

Transferred use of the surname, which is derived from a Breton personal name composed of haer ‘battle’ + vy ‘worthy’. It was introduced to Britain by Bretons who settled in East Anglia and elsewhere in the wake of the Norman Conquest.
562nd in the U.S.
English: habitational name from places in Cumbria, Lincolnshire, and Northamptonshire. The first gets its name from Old English Haferingtūn ‘settlement (Old English tūn) associated with someone called Hæfer’, a byname meaning ‘he-goat’. The second probably meant ‘settlement (Old English tūn) of someone called Hæring’. Alternatively, the first element may have been Old English hæring ‘stony place’ or hāring ‘gray wood’. The last, recorded in Domesday Book as Arintone and in 1184 as Hederingeton, is most probably named with an unattested Old English personal name, Heathuhere.
440th in the U.S.

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