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Meaning & Origins

A perennially popular given name, of Continental Germanic origin, from haim ‘home’ + rīc ‘power, ruler’. It was an Old French name, adopted by the Normans and introduced by them to Britain. It has been borne by eight kings of England. Not until the 17th century did the form Henry (as opposed to Harry) become the standard vernacular form, mainly under the influence of the Latin form Henricus and French Henri.
137th in the U.S.
French: topographic name for someone who lived on marshy land, from a diminutive of Old French jaille ‘marsh’, ‘mud’, now a regional term found mainly in western France. It may also perhaps have been a nickname with the sense ‘muddy’; in the Jura the word is applied to a cow with dark patches on its flanks. In the U.S., Jaillet is concentrated in MA.
55,573rd in the U.S.

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