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Meaning & Origins

From the vocabulary word (Old English hopa) denoting the quality, in particular the Christian quality of expectation in the resurrection and in eternal life. The name was created by the Puritans and has been one of their most successful coinages.
692nd in the U.S.
Irish: reduced Anglicized form of either of two Gaelic names, Ó Duibhín ‘descendant of Duibhín’, a byname meaning ‘little black one’, or Ó Daimhín ‘descendant of Daimhín’, a byname meaning ‘fawn’, ‘little stag’. These are attenuated versions of Ó Dubháin and Ó Damháin, and are the phonetic origin of Anglicizations with an internal v (as opposed to w, as in Dewan, or monosyllabic forms with an o or u) (see Doane).
1,397th in the U.S.

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