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From the name of the tiny sacred island in the Hebrides, off the west coast of Mull. In 563 St Columba came from Ireland to found a monastery here. It became the most important centre of Christianity in northern Britain, from which missionaries went out all over Scotland and northern England, and from which the monastery at Lindisfarne was founded. The given name still has a distinctly Scottish flavour, although it is increasingly in general use.
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Irish: reduced form of O’Hayden, an Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó hÉideáin and Ó hÉidín ‘descendant of Éideán’ or ‘descendant of Éidín’, personal names apparently from a diminutive of éideadh ‘clothes’, ‘armor’. There was also a Norman family bearing the English name (see 2 below), living in County Wexford.
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