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Meaning & Origins

Originally a male pet form of James and still so used, especially in Scotland and Northumberland. It is now also found as a girl's name, a feminine equivalent of James, especially in North America, where it is used more frequently for girls than boys. It is famously borne by the actress Jamie Lee Curtis (b. 1958), and is often used in combination with Lee or its variants.
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French and English: 1. from a reduced form of Robillet, itself a pet form of Robert. 2. metonymic occupational name for a carpenter, from a diminutive of Old French bille ‘piece of wood’, ‘stick’ (a word of Gaulish origin). 3. metonymic occupational name for a secretary, from a diminutive of Old French bulle ‘letter’. This sense of billet did not become established until the 15th century, however, rather late for surname formation. 4. Jewish (Ashkenazic): metonymic occupational name for a banker or money changer, from German Billet ‘note’, ‘banknote’.
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