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Meaning & Origins

Now universally taken as a pet form of Jennifer. In fact, this name existed during the Middle Ages as a pet form of Jean. It is often used independently. Among many well-known bearers are the Swedish soprano Jenny Lind (originally Johanna Lind, 1820–87), the British racehorse trainer Jenny Pitman (b. 1946), and the British actress Jenny Agutter (b. 1952).
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Chinese 尹: from the name of Yin City, in present-day Shanxi province, or from a status name of a government official. A grandson of the legendary emperor Huang Di (2697–2595 BC) was granted Yin City and in due course his descendants adopted the name of the city as their surname. Additionally, throughout the Shang (1766–1122 BC) and Zhou (1122–221 BC) dynasties, there existed a high government position called Yin. Many descendants of Yin officials adopted the status name Yin as their surname.
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