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Meaning & Origins

As a boy's name this is a pet form of Jeremy or Gerald, or occasionally of Gerard and Jerome. As a girl's name it is a variant spelling of Gerry, and is sometimes bestowed as an independent given name, as in the case of the American model and actress Jerry Hall (b. 1956).
86th in the U.S.
Origin uncertain. 1. In at least some cases it seems to be a variant of Irish Duffy. 2. Perhaps a variant of South German Tüffer, a habitational name for someone from Tüffen in Switzerland or Tiefen (earlier Tüeffen) near Freiburg, place names based on Old High German tiufī ‘gorge’ or tuf, taf ‘bog’, ‘swamp’. Compare Duffner. 3. Possibly an altered spelling of French Dufer, a nickname from du fer ‘(man) of iron’.
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