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Meaning & Origins

As a boy's name this is a pet form of Jeremy or Gerald, or occasionally of Gerard and Jerome. As a girl's name it is a variant spelling of Gerry, and is sometimes bestowed as an independent given name, as in the case of the American model and actress Jerry Hall (b. 1956).
85th in the U.S.
English: habitational name from a place called Ketton in Durham or one in Rutland or from Keaton in Ermington, Devon. The first is named from the Old English personal name Catta or the Old Norse personal name Káti + Old English tūn ‘settlement’; the second is probably from an old river name or tribal name Cētan (possibly a derivative of Celtic cēd ‘wood’) + Old English ēa ‘river’; and the last possibly from Cornish kee ‘hedge’, ‘bank’ + Old English tūn.
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