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Meaning & Origins

Usually a girl's name, a pet form of Jessica, also recorded in Scotland from an early date as a pet form of Jean, although the derivation is not clear. The Gaelic form is Teasag. It is now quite often used in Scotland and elsewhere as a given name in its own right. As a boy's name it is a respelling of Jesse.
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German: from the Middle High German title of nobility herzoge ‘duke’ (Old High German herizoho, from heri ‘army’ + ziohan ‘to lead’, a calque of the Byzantine title stratēlatēs ‘general’, ‘commander’, from Greek stratos ‘army’ + elaunein ‘to lead’). The name is unlikely to refer to descent from an actual duke; it is normally an occupational name for the servant of a duke or a nickname for one who put on the airs and graces of a duke.
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