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Usually a girl's name, a pet form of Jessica, also recorded in Scotland from an early date as a pet form of Jean, although the derivation is not clear. The Gaelic form is Teasag. It is now quite often used in Scotland and elsewhere as a given name in its own right. As a boy's name it is a respelling of Jesse.
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Chinese 潘: from the place name Pan, which existed in the state of Wei during the Zhou dynasty. Bi Gonggao, fifteenth son of the virtuous duke Wen Wang, was granted a state named Wei when the Zhou dynasty came to power in 1122 BC (see Feng 1). Bi Gonggao in turn granted the area called Pan to one of his sons, whose descendants eventually adopted Pan as their surname. This name is also Romanized as Poon, Pun, and Pon.
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