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Meaning & Origins

From the Latin form, Io(h)anna, of Greek Iōanna, the feminine equivalent of Iōannēs (see John). In the New Testament, this name is borne by a woman who was one of Jesus's followers (Luke 8:3; 24:10). She was the wife of the steward of the household of King Herod Antipas. The name was regularly used throughout the Middle Ages in most parts of Europe as a feminine equivalent of John, but in England it has only been in common use as a vernacular given name since the 19th century. Celebrated British bearers of the name include the novelist Joanna Trollope (b. 1943), the actress Joanna Lumley (b. 1946), and the concert pianist Joanna McGregor (b. 1959).
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Italian: from a pet form of the personal name Tomaso (see Thomas).
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