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Meaning & Origins

Biblical name, meaning ‘God has given’, composed of the same elements as those of Matthew, but in reverse order. This is the name of several characters in the Bible, most notably a son of King Saul, who was a devoted friend and supporter of the young David, even when David and Saul were themselves at loggerheads (1 Samuel 31; 2 Samuel 1:19–26). The name is often taken as symbolic of steadfast friendship and loyalty. Well-known bearers of the name include the Irish clergyman and writer Jonathan Swift (1667-1745), British theatre director Jonathan Miller (b. 1934), British actor Jonathan Pryce (b. 1947), and British television presenter Jonathan Ross (b. 1960).
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English and French: from the title of nobility, Middle English, Old French baron, barun (of Germanic origin; compare Barnes 2). As a surname it is unlikely to be a status name denoting a person of rank. The great baronial families of Europe had distinctive surnames of their own. Generally, the surname referred to service in a baronial household or was acquired as a nickname by a peasant who had ideas above his station. The title was also awarded to certain freemen of the cities of London and York and of the Cinque Ports. Compare the Scottish form Barron.
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