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Originally a name given to a child of either sex baptized in holy water that was, purportedly at least, brought from the River Jordan, whose Hebrew name, ha-yarden, means ‘flowing down’. It was in this river that Christ was baptized by John the Baptist, and medieval pilgrims to the Holy Land usually tried to bring back a flask of its water with them. The modern given name is either a revival of this, or else a transferred use of the surname that was derived from the medieval given name. It is more popular as a boy's name in Britain and as a girl's name in the United States.
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Shortened form of Greek Vangelis, itself from a shortened form of the personal name Evangelos, based on New Testament Greek euangelistēs ‘evangelist’ (see Evangelista). It may also be a reduced form of a patronymic derivative of this name, e.g. Vangelidis, Vangelopoulos, etc.
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