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Transferred use of the Scottish surname. The principal family bearing this surname were hereditary Earls Marischal of Scotland from 1455 to 1715. This is one of a number of Scottish aristocratic surnames that have become well established since the 19th century as boys' names throughout the English-speaking world, not just in Scotland. Others include Bruce, Douglas, and Graham.
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English: habitational name from the city in West Yorkshire, or the place in Kent. The former is of British origin, appearing in Bede in the form Loidis ‘People of the Lāt’, (Lāt being an earlier name of the river Aire, meaning ‘the violent one’).Loidis was originally a district name, but was subsequently restricted to the city. The Kentish place name may be from an Old English stream name hlȳde ‘loud, rushing stream’.
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